Maggi Noodles

Since i`m staying far from my house so maggi become food during my final exam. i`m always update with the maggi product. This is mgii new product in market. MAGGI Noodles Kari Letup .
MAGGI Noodles Kari Letup is the familiar great tasting 2-minute curry flavour noodles but with a stronger curry and spicier taste. It also offers quality noodles cake with firmer bite in an attractive packaging. Simple, great taste for curry noodle lovers like me......

Breakfast Goodies

This post is about the important of taking breakfast daily. This is few tips for you guys. Last time i would not take breakfast in the morning but after i knew the important of taking breakfast then i make it in my daily routine. Eating breakfast is essential to good health as your body has been fasting throughout the night as you sleep. A healthy breakfast with items from all the major food groups will refuel your body and kick-off your day. To give yourself a greater boost of energy, choose whole-grain based cereals as they are a complex carbohydrate that will last you through a hectic morning.
There are a lot of nestle product that we can eat it during breakfast. For example, milo, creals, and more.

True Weight

I have find out this tips in nestle website and i find it intertesting to know about. Actually, to find your true weight, step on the scale first thing in the morning after you've gone to the bathroom. Use that as a guide throughout your wellness programme.
Don't be discouraged if your weight suddenly seems to increase even though you've stuck to a sensible diet and exercise plan. Did you know that your weight fluctuates up to 2.5kg in a day as you eat, drink and even take a shower?
Here's what I found out when I recorded my own weight 8 times in 1 day. Using my example as a rough guide, take your own weight and see how it changes within a day.

Food to make you look gorgeous

Here is few tips that i can find out....

Try these natural, home-made treatments for sparkling eyes, shiny hair and glowing skin – with ingredients straight from your kitchen!
Nourishing milk bath

Keep skin baby smooth by adding milk to a warm bath. A truly luxurious and relaxing treat!
Exfoliating face mask

Here’s a delicious way to banish dead skin cells: smooth fresh papaya pulp on your face and leave for 5 minutes, then wipe off with a damp towel.
Intensive hair repair

For smooth and super-shiny hair, blend 1 egg and ½ of an avocado. Massage mixture into hair and scalp, and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
Instant eye treatment

Place two chilled cucumber slices over your eyes. Rest for 15 minutes. Absolutely refreshing and soothes those puffy eyes!

Maggi - new product in market

Hi, tis is maggi`s new product in the market. Malaysia’s favourite instant noodles now come in two new varieties for health conscious individuals. one is MAGGI TASTYLITE Curry and the second is MAGGI TASTYLITE Chicken. Due to nowadays, people are using maggi so maggi concern about they health. Those product are lower fat instant noodles with the same rich and familiar taste.

Mixed Salad with Yogurt Sauce

hi... this is simple tips for you all....


Nestle Natural Yogurt
Nestle Low Fat Mango Yogurt
1½ tbsp
Maggi Concentrated Chicken Stock
1 stalk
coriander leaves, coarsely chopped
1 tsp
coarsely chopped black pepper
½ tsp
minced ginger
cherry tomatoes, halved
Iceberg lettuce
Romaine lettuce
young carrot, shredded
red pepper, sliced

1 In a bowl, mix well ingredients A to create a sauce. Then set aside

2 Combine ingredients B and add the sauce.

3 Toss well and serve immediately.
It is a very simple recipe that we can try it out.

Healthy tips...

Eat breakfast. You are less likely to over eat later in the day if you eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning. It can be as simple as juice and Nestle Breakfast Cereal with fruits, NESTLÉ® Low Fat Milk or NESVITA 3-in-1 Cereal Drink.
Use smaller platesWe tend to eat up whatever is on our plates without realising that we are over-filling our stomachs. To avoid taking in more food than you need, try using a smaller plate. It works!
Drink lots of waterWater is good for flushing out toxins, and is calorie-free. So drinking one full glass of water every other hour during the day actually helps you curb your appetite and make you feel full.
Eat slowly. It takes your brains about 15 minutes to know that you’re full, so take time to chew and savour every bite. People who have weight problems tend to be fast-eaters!
While these tips are effective on their own, you should always keep exercise in the equation when planning your diet programme. Increase your physical activity by getting involved in the type of sports that you enjoy.